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It was late afternoon and we feel hot, but decided it was too hot to have sex in the bedroom (living in Spain), filled with some provisions and decided to walk in the woods near our home. take the road was not easy, rocky terrain and the sun burned. I got no thanks, no underwear, shirt and skirt, all the time I was walking all I could think of to get very good it candidvoyeurism was, I would wet pussy with their expert skills and how he wanted to suck his cock he arrived. We walked half an hour before finding a gap in the trees, which provide some shade and solitude. When we got to this point, I was very wet and eager with anticipation. I had never done before, I had candidvoyeurism been in relationships, but they were very puritanical when it came to the room, P had already taught me much about my own sexuality, which I had taken many times in the last orgasmYears came to the barren years. We have blankets and settled, which had half a bottle of wine and water in abundance, but I wanted the wine to relax completely, I knew he was strong as a lover and I was nervous that they would be heard. P took the cup from me and put me back and was licking my clit sucked gently and carefully, and ran his candidvoyeurism fingers inside me. I had a fear, be modified to suck his cock was so erect and ready for my eager mouth, I licked and sucked, when he was about to reach orgasm, slowed down and licked his balls, and gently under his coat, stroking the small gap between the balls and ass, would not come, so I left and went to bed, starting to play with me, stroked my clit and I really get hot, then he asked me my fantasy, I he was going to be fucked by a stranger, someone who comes to me, take me hard and left without saying a word, I said, as I also wanted to suck cockTime as shit and the way in which (unknown) who comes to me and candidvoyeurism I would come to my candidvoyeurism P all breasts. candidvoyeurism I was always very close to orgasm, and knowing that I was strong, but I did not care at that time and decided ' what the hell, just enjoy,' I did, I came to a shuddering orgasm ripping through me, I brought back to the first moments after, enjoy the pulsating muscle memory in me. P began to fuck hard for me to describe my imagination again, and told me I closed my eyes and my mind, I'm excited and again, he said, ' we heard,' But, ' Yeah, ' and was enjoying my fingers and tongue and tail serves. P said: 'He is coming and I thought I was feeding my imagination, so to play, work and again, sucking his dick to stop my back for a time all the time P said was: ' He comes about you as another cock in you? ' Yes, I said ' P pushed me back and started playing with itSomeone told me it was vibrating, all I could think was: 'Yes, I would in a minute,' I said quietly and enjoy the vibrator and fingers, and then I P, ' here he ' passed and I thought it opened my eyes, and P is the cock in front of me, but fuck me, there was someone there! P me to sit up and started to suck his cock, stroking hard cock of foreigners, who smelled was from the pool and was only the thinnest of shorts and his penis, thick and straight and my hands ,Oh, my God, this? I was sucking P, P, said foreigners, is'nt it cool and sexy? Want to fuck you? The stranger approached my pussy and started licking me, is candidvoyeurism not the same P, is not competent, but I did not care, it was all I could think, what a lucky girl I had two cocks! Strangers stopped licking and then I started making fun of my clitoris and bring almost to a climax, only to stop and then joined me while I'm still sucking cock P, Stranger then quickly grabbed me, fingering my clit so brings me to a powerful climax, which takes time, P still does not want, has not arrived yet, so I kept sucking him, took off strangers, gently kissed my pussy and put candidvoyeurism on shorts and went HJS does not speak a word, do not even know what nationality he was! How did a bad girl ! P, then went over me and licking cum from strangers to me, making me cum again! I have shit in my candidvoyeurism life, so much passion and lust until he came to himself, shaking his tail at me for a long time. candidvoyeurism We were there for a time was all I could think was, done that ? It had established candidvoyeurism or was it just my lucky day ? Yes, it was my lucky day Fucky We were quiet for a while, then stopped and packed our things up again, I could feel was cum dripping inside of my legs, my goodness that was both a capacity up there! When we started, I had to go directly to the planning of the shower, but P can not be, pasCommission consists of what has become yet another tail good hard fucking candidvoyeurism with us together, exhausted, we were there, I still felt the afternoon was surreal, my imagination was true, but if you aspire to new P, I, I I knew I could not imagine what might taste strange cock P and P.
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